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News & events


NFM, member of the RACE cluster

After a year of preparation supported by the Lyon Chamber of Commerce and Industry (CCI) and in cooperation with a number of local companies including NFM TECHNOLOGIES, the Rhônes-Alpes Auvergne region Oil & Gas and Energies Cluster (RACE) was officially created on 4 December 2015.
In the launch phase, the O&G and Energies cluster comprises 42 companies active in the Oil and Gas industry ans Renewable Energy sectors. It is supported by major customers in the industry such TOTAL and ENGIE, with further backing from local and national institutions.
A partnership agreement has already been signed between the RACE cluster and GEP-AFTP (Association of Companies and Professionnals in the Oil, Gas and relaties Industries), whose mission is to promote French excellence in the international Oil & Gas industry.


NFM supplies winches for the 2 FPSO Kaombo North & South

On behalf of SAIPEM, NFM Technologies will build 2 riser pulling systems and anchoring chains for the Kaombo project. Operated by TOTAL, the project is located on block 32 offshore of Angola. The 320-tonne capacity winches will be installed on the turret of two Floating Production, Storage and Offloading (FPSO )units.
The winches will be manufactured in NFM’s workshop in Le Creusot. They will then be delivered to Sembawang shipyard in Singapore.


NFM shuttering on the Flamanville 3 EPR reactor building

As part of the finishing operations on the Flamanville EPR reactor, NFM Technologies has built and installed the permanent shuttering for the limonite ring used to form a junction between the vessel and the base of the reactor pool. in light of the sensitive nature of the process of introducing a 9-diameter assembly into the finished pool, NFM Technologies designed and built a specific spreader bar to handle the shuttering and retain it in place around the reactor vessel prior to the concreting operations.


Sydney North-West metro: First breakthrough

Elisabeth, the first of the four tunnel boring machines supplied by NFM for Sydney North West Link project, has just reached the first station. The TBM broke through on 21 January, in the presence of the Prime Minister and the transport Minister of New South Wales. The machine has already achieved 2.1 km of the 6 km it has to excavate, with an average of 35 m per day.


NFM TECHNOLOGIES to build winches for Egina FPSO unit

NFM TECHNOLOGIES has just signed a contract with Korean contractor Samsung Heavy Industries to supply 2 riser pulling winches.
Each winch will have a 240 tonne capacity and will be installed on Egina FPSO unit, which on behalf TOTAL, will operate on an oil field (OML 130) 130 km offshore of Port Harcourt in Nigeria.


Caltanissetta’s giant TBM launched

Digging work has started on the Caltanissetta tunnel in Sicily. A special event was held on the 4th June, in the presence of the Director of the National Roads & Motorways Company (ANAS), to mark the first turn of the cutting head. The 15.08 m diameter earth pressure TBM, christened "Barbara", was supplied by NFM Technologies for use in this project to improve the existing regional road network. The machine is expected to excavate two tubes, each of 3900 m. The completion of th dig is schedulded for the end of 2015.


First contract for NFM Technologies in Saudi Arabia

NFM TECHNOLOGIES has just signed a contract with the "Metro Riyadh line 3 Ltd." consortium to supply a 10.16 m-diameter tunnel boring machine to excavate the red line of the Saudi capital’s metro system.
The consortium features compagnies such as Impregilo SpA, Larsen & Toubro Ltd. and Nesma & Partners. It is responsible for building the 40.7 km of line 3, the longest of the project. Line 3 runs in the East-west direction accross Riyadh, with 20 stations and a 6 km underground section.
To excavate the tunnel, NFM Technologies will supply an earth pressure balance tunnel boring machine. Weighing 1 400 tonnes and 100 m long, the boring machine will excavate depth of 40 m, in soil mainly composed of limestone and silt.
The machine will be built, assembled and tested in the NFM Technologies workshops in Le Creusot, Burgundy. Delivery to the client is scheduled for this summer.


4 Tunnel boring machines for Sydney

NFM Technologies has received an order worth almost €40 million, to supply four 6.99 m-diameter, hard rock tunnel boring machines, for use on the North West Rail Link project - the first stage of Sydney’s new rapid transit network.
Tha contract was awarded by grouping comprising Thiess, John Holland and Dragados, acting on behalf of Transport for NSW, the Government of New South Wales’ transport authority.
The 15 km twin tunnels will be the longest rail tunnels ever built in Australia. The machines will bore at an average of 27 m below ground surface in rock that is mainly formed of extremely abrasive sandstone. The deepest point of the tunnels is 63 m.
Boring machines 1 and 2 will work on the 9 km section between the new Bella Vista and Cherrybrook stations. The remaining 5 km from Cherrybrook to Epping will be bored by machines 3 and 4.
The first tunnel boring machine will be delivered before the end of 2014, with the remainder to follow soon after.


NeTTUN project Launches

09/2012: 21 Industry, Research & Development Laboratories and SME partners from 9 European countries gatheres for the launch of the NeTTUN ( New Technologies for Tunnelling and Underground Works) Collaborative R&D Project, funded by the European Commission.

Initiated and managed by NFM TECHNOLOGIES, the NeTTUN project will address key scientific and technical challenges in the Tunnelling industry over a period of 4.5 years. The NeTTUN work programme of interrelating projects intends to dramatically enhance every aspect of the lifecycle of tunnelling: from design, to construction, and maintenance of tunnels.


Offshore: The Quad 204 FPSO, to be operated by BP, will be fitted with an NFM Technologies winch

NFM Technologies will be designing and manufacturing a winching system for risers and mooring chains for the Quad 204 FPSO project, which is to operate in the field around the Shetland Islands in the North Sea. The 260-tonne capacity winch will be installed above a turret manufactured by our client, SBM Offshore Group.


Breakthrough in the Tianjin connecting tunnel (China)

On the 6th June the tunnel connecting the main and western stations in Tianjin finally broke through. The 11.97m diameter slurry TBM, supplied to B16 by NFM Technologies, completed the 2,246m tunnel in just 20 months.


Delivery of new A350 transport units starts

NFM Technologies has just delivered to Airbus the first units for transporting the A350 to the assembly plants at Stade in Germany and Illescas in Spain. These transportation machines will be capable of transporting all of the aircraft sections manufactured at Airbus’s 11 European sites to the assembly workshop in Toulouse by air, sea or road. A total of 47 units will be delivered to the client, enabling them to assembly the aircraft at a rate of 4 per month.


Beijing metro TBMs get ready for launch

09/09/2010: The two 6.28 m diameter EPB TBMs for Beijing metro line 10 (China) are ready to begin excavation. They have been assembled and tested-on-site, in the South of the city. NFM Technologies has successfully been involved in the other Beijing metro lines projects: the EPB tunnel boring machine has achieved remarkable progress on line 5, with 250 m covered in one week. A similar TBM completed the excavation of the first tube on line 8 under good conditions.


NFM Technologies has obtained the title "AREVA certified supplier 2010"

NFM Technologies obtained the title "AREVA certified supplier 2010" on last June, 15th. AREVA has given this title to its main European suppliers in order to valorize and to strenghen to the ties with its partners. This recognition - based on criteria concerning quality, sustainable development values and competitivness - underlines the quality of NFM Technologies products and services. It symbolises efficient and successful collaborations between AREVA and NFM on the nuclear market.


Breakthrough on line 9 of the Barcelona metro

31.05.2010: The NFM Technologies TBM charged with excavating line 9 of the Barcelona metro has made its breakthrough of the section excavated using the hard rock cutter head, fitted at the beginning of 2010. The client UTE LINIA 9 (a group of Spanish and Catalan companies - FCC / FERROVIAL / OHL / COPSICA / COPISA) is very satisfied with how the work has progressed and with the resistance of the cutting tools throughout this particularly tricky section. The 11.95m diameter dual-mode machine has excavated 960 m in 3 months through fractured ground featuring large blocks of granite and schist. The machine has reached Guinardo station, where a second change of cutter head is currently underway.
To date, the TBM has bored through more than 7 km on line 9 of the Barcelona metro.



16/05/2010: The fifth issue of NFM Technologies newsletter is now available.


2 NFM Technologies TBMs under the Guadalquivir river

15/04/2010: NFM Technologies has just signed 2 contracts for two 14 m diameter EPB TBMs as part as a new ring road project, the SE-40, in Seville, Spain. This new 78 km long road around the city will require a 2,180 m long tunnel to be built under the Guadalquivir river. These contracts were signed with 2 Spanish groups - OHL/SANDO/AZVI and COPISA/ALDESA/BRUESA - for the Sociedad Estatal de Infraestructuras del Trasporte Terrestre (SEITT).
The TBMs will each dig two 1,900 m long tubes under the Guadalquivir river, in terrain principally composed of sand, gravel and marl. To satisfy these geological conditions, the machines will be designed to withstand a pressure of 5 bars and make hyperbaric interventions easier.


NEWSLETTER - January 2010

29/01/2010: The fourth issue of NFM Technologies newsletter is available.


SOTIELLO Tunnel: New record for NFM Technologies

The NFM Technologies "Via Carisa" tunnelling machine working on the high speed railway line between Madrid and Gijon in Spain has set a new progress record, having bored through 1,140 metres in a single month (progress record for single shield machine in Spain). This performance was achieved as part of the Pajares-Sotiello project (lot 5 of the Pajares project). The NFM hard rock tunnelling machine with a diameter of 9.90 m made its breakthrough last september, having bored through 5,900 m of tunnel in less than eight months.


Newsletter October 2009

19/10/2009: The third issue of NFM Technologies newsletter is available.


NFM Technologies TBM will carve the Cairo metro

NFM Technologies has signed a contract to supply a 9.46 m diameter Earth Pressure Balance (EPB) tunnel boring machine for the second phase of Cairo Metro line 3.
The contract, signed with the Joint Venture made up of Vinci (project lead), Bouygues, Arabco and Orascom, includes the conception and design of the TBM, as well as the manufacture, assembly, tests in factory and on-site, plus part of the transport. The machine will be manufactured at the NFM Technologies Le Creusot Plant in France. 
The TBM will excavate the 5138 m linking the stations of Cairo Fair, Stadium and Kolleyet El Banat. The soil is made up mainly of clay, sand and sandstone.


Breakthrough on line 2 of the Wuhan underground

The NFM Technologies tunnel boring machine finished excavating the section between the stations of Fanhu and Qingnianlu on line 2 of the Wuhan underground (China) in June. 
The machine bored 1,068 m in just 3 months in a water-satured clay-ground. The customer B1 is particularly satisfied with the performances of this 6.28 m diameter EPB tunnel boring machine, the efficiency of on-site teams and the co-operation with NFM.
The TBM is currently re-assembled at the starting point to extend the tunnel for 1,200 m in the opposite direction.


Launch event for the Kazan TBM

20/07/09. NFM Technologies has organised a launch event on Friday 17 July 2009 for the tunnelling machine destined for the Kazan subway. The launch took place at the company’s Le Creusot plant and was attended by Mr. BURGANOV (leader of the Executive Committee for Kazan), Mr. RAKHIMOV (Director of KAZMETROSTROY, the authority in charge of the construction of the subway), Mr. ANCIAUX (MP for the Saône-et-Loire region of France) and Mr. BILLARDON (the mayor of Le Creusot).

This 5.89m diameter Earth Pressure Balance (EPB) TBM was designed for the subway line 1 extension in Kazan. The order is proof of a renewal of the client’s trust in the French company. An original machine was supplied for line 1 of the subway in 2005. "The first machine was chosen quite by chance... This machine was chosen from experience" confirmed Mr RAKHIMOV, having expressed his satisfaction with the boring performance and robustness of the first TBM supplied by NFM Technologies.

The machine, which has been given a Tartar girl’s name meaning "as beautiful as the moon" will leave Le Creusot at the beginning of August to begin its journey to the work site, arriving at the end of September.



A new NFM Technologies office opens in Shenzhen (China)

17/06/09: NFM Technologies has just opened a branch in Shenzhen (China) for its service provision business. This office, set up with SHMG (Shenyang Heavy Machinery Group), will manage the provision of services on sites in the Southern part of the country, between Shenzhen and Wuhan.
Thanks to its team of over 10 European and Chinese technicians, the NFM SHMG TBM SHENZHEN SERVICE CENTER will enable us to provide better support at each stage of our site work, to ensure that machines are operationnal and to reduce lead times. A local office has become essential for a region in which our business has continued to grow. NFM Technologies is currently overseeing 18 projects in Guangdong province.


New spare parts sale

NFM Technologies is storing a large quantity of spare parts (hydraulic, electrical, mechanical) in a very good state. Those elements (new parts), originally from underground projects, are now proposed to be sold at very competitive prices and can be delivered very quickly.

Different types of components:

  • Cutting tools for every kind of mining conditions (cutters and associated spare parts, cutting tools for EPB and hard rock technologies, scrappers...)
  • Seals (O’ring, rotary seal, for articulation, scrapper seal...)
  • Cylinders for the main functions (thrust, articulation and others...) and associated spare parts (seal set, sensors...)
  • Mechanical spare parts for key components (as motors and reducers...): pinions, rings, springs, various bearings...
  • Conveyor belt spare parts: drums...
  • Electrical material: power supply, fuses, sensors, transformators, circuit breaker, electronical cards, various products for Programmable Logic Controller...
  • Hydraulic and pneumatic components: distributors, valves, electrovalves, sensors, pressure relief valve, pressure gauge...
  • Electrical motors and hydraulic pumps...
  • Hoist with different maximum load capacity (with the corresponding trolleys)
  • Main drive unit: main bearing, main drive unit seals, pinions...

Originally designed to ensure all the TBM functions, those components adapt to different end uses : excavation, mortar injection, lifting loads, load displacements, electronical and hydraulic supply and control, ventilation, dewatering, grease injection, lubrification...

For any further information, do not hesitate to

Newsletter - April 2009

Let’s read our news on our April newsletter.


NFM Technologies enters Indian market

30/03/2009: NFM Technologies has just signed a Memoramdum of agreement (MOA) with the Indian company BEML(Barath Earth Movers Limited.), which has a major role in the country’s underground system projects. At a time when infrastructure requirements are rapidly increasing, the MOA seals an exclusive partnership with a view to becoming the principal supplier of tunnel boring machines in India and the countries of South-East Asia.
Due to its dense urban population undergoing rapid growth, India aims to develop its underground infrastructures: new underground lines (Bangalore, Chennai, Kolkata, Mumbai, New Delhi pase 2 etc.), irrigation canals, hydroelectric tunnels, etc.


Newsletter January 2009

28/01/09: The first issue of  NFM Technologies newsletter is available.

If you wish to receive the next issues by email, you can suscribe on-line.


Two NFM Technologies TBM for Beijing underground.

14/01/09 : NFM Technologies has just signed a contract for two 6.28 m diameter earth press balance (EPB) tunnel boring machines for line 10 of the Beijing Underground system.

The two machines are scheduled to be delivered to the client China Railway Construction Co. (B12) in July and August 2009. They will undertake a twin tunnel connecting three underground stations. They will bore under a dense urban area (under the third ring road and under significant historic buildings) along a total length of about 8,000 m.


Happy new year

01/2009 : Everyone at NFM Technologies wishes you all the best for 2009.


Shenzen Underground - NFM Technologies tunnel boring machines begin service

26/11/2008 : As part of the project to build line 3 of Shenzen’s Underground system, NFM Technologies has manufactured 3 earth pressure balance tunnel boring machines (TBM) with a diameter of 6.28 m.

The first two machines began service on 14 and 19 November 2008 and all went well. The first TBM will carry out the 2,535 m of twin-tube tunnel between Hong Ling and Lao Jie stations. The second machine will dig out 2,400 m between Cui Zhu and Tian Bei stations. The third machine should put its first loop into place in December 2008 in order to bore 1,085 m between Tian Bei and Shui Bei. This new Underground line should begin service in 2011.


A tunnelling machine for the Kazan subway

NFM technologies has received an order to supply a tunnelling machine in the context of the expansion of subway line 1 in Kazan, the capital of Tatarstan. This machine, ordered by the authority in charge of the construction of the Kazan subway, KAZMETROSTROY, is similar to that delivered by NFM technologies in 2005 for this same project: they are both 5.89 meter diameter Earth Pressure Balance (EPB) machines with foam injection.

The second tunnelling machine, scheduled for delivery in June 2009, shall dig over a distance of 2000 metres, between the "Kozya Sloboda" and "Moskovskaya" stations at the west of the city. It shall be entirely manufactured and tested in our Le Creusot workshops.


Adhesion to the Bourgogne Nuclear Cluster

NFM Technologies becomes a member of the Bourgogne Nuclear Cluster (Pôle Nucléaire Bourgogne - PNB). This competitiveness cluster represents the metallurgy and mechanical engineering sectors for nuclear energy in Bourgogne. It counts, amongst its members, some major clients, SMCs, schools and training institutes and associate partners.

With its world-unique concentration of nuclear mechanical engineering skills, the PNB develops its members’ activity over a range of fields (R&D, training, collaborative tools) enabling them to enhance their expertise and strengthen their competitiveness.



April 21 – 26, 2018 - NFM TECHNOLOGIES will be in Dubai for the 2018 edition of the ITA-AITES WORLD TUNNEL CONGRESS. Visit us in Dubai !

AFTES 2017

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WTC 2016

April 22 - 28, 2016
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BAUMA 2016

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