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Quality policy


Our quality policy:

SO 9001 and AQAP 2110 certified since its creation NFM technologies has acquired, through its various creations, a genuine maturity in the field of quality assurance.

Beyond simple compliance with standards, the company is now committed to a customer awareness and satisfaction approach, in which each worker is involved. This quality management system (QMS) is built around a project management process based on the recommendations of the PMI (Project Management Institute), in line with the company’s goals and in accordance with its customers’ demands.

A priority, customer-orientation
The QMS illustrates our intention to remain customer-focused, from the bid to after-sales service: customer satisfaction and integration of their requirements are the foundations of our policy.

A willingness for permanent improvement
Our Quality Division fulfils several roles: It ensures that the QMS runs smoothly, It implements production quality control, using non-destructive inspection techniques (dye penetration, ultrasound, X-rays and dimensional inspection), It monitors suppliers by means of qualified inspectors for each speciality.

With the efficiency and improvement of our processes constantly in mind, we initiate actions above and beyond our obligations as defined by the ISO 9001 standard. We regularly invite our workers to take part in workgroups in the context of an annual Progress Plan. Furthermore, each project end gives rise to meeting intended to build on knowledge acquired concerning operating modes, products and techniques used.

A system integrated into the company’s strategy
The Quality Management System applies to all of the company’s functions. It is synchronized with the information systems and the job and skills management system. It comprises a performance measurement system, covering the four aspects of a Balanced Score Card: customer, finances, internal processes, innovation and learning.


NFM Technologies makes use of a large number of repositories, such as: ISO 9001, CODAP (pressurised equipment), FEM (Fédération Européenne de Manutention - European Handling Federation), DIN 18800 (mechanically welded products)
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