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Research & Development


A developer of custom technical solutions, NFM technologies is also recognized for the performance, reliability, safety and quality of its equipment.

We have initiated a Research and Development program in order to optimize the design of our equipment. We use work site experience feedback to adapt our technologies to market requirements. In sectors with a high technical added value, our competitiveness is dependent upon our ability to propose innovative and patented solutions.

Beyond issues related to technical performance, we are currently turning our attention to risk reduction, both in material and human terms.

A number of lines of research have been initiated in the field of underground work, where gallery digging requires frequent equipment checks that are hazardous to workers. We are pursuing research on volumetric wear measurement and are defining tool inspection methods aimed at limiting work in hyperbaric environments. Furthermore, we are developing means of recognizing geology on progress, in view of assisting us in anticipating terrain changes and to adapt our tools beforehand.

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