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Working for NFM Technologies


Professional activities:

An international sales vision:

The conclusion of a contract is the result of the work conducted by our sales teams that are in charge of developing international customer contacts. The salespersons ensure that the company remains visible on our markets, identify future projects and assert themselves as relevant correspondents for projects matching our know-how.

Project mode organisation:

The design phase is at the core of NFM Technologies’ business activities: it includes a phase of in-depth analysis of the customer’s needs, followed by the search for tailored technical solutions adapted to the specific requirements of each project and to economic performance requirements.

Due to the large scope of our realisations, project-mode organisation is a prerequisite to meet the defined goals. A dedicated team, supervised by a project manager, is created for each mission in view of organising and structuring the project’s various steps. We have an efficient approach to risk and cost management, while maintaining the level of quality expected by our customers.

Equipment manufacture is accompanied by an analysis of achievement methods, while guaranteeing a high level of safety and quality. We then conduct all on-site equipment assembly and commissioning operations. Support functions:

These functions are made available to operatives in view of ensuring that our company runs smoothly and remains aware of its customers’ and suppliers’ needs: sales, human resources, communication, purchasing, finance, IT, logistics, etc.

Missions with mobility opportunities

Most of our workers are required to perform missions abroad (ranging from a few days to several months). These mobility phases represent rich human experiences, both in professional and personal terms. They expose our operatives to new cultures, enabling them to discover other work methods and lifestyles. They serve to reinforce our teams’ cohesion.


Human Ressources policy:

Our efficiency and performance are the fruit of our workers’ efforts. We are dedicated to the personal development of each member of our company. We work actively towards the development of individual skills, encouraging transversality and teamwork, while supporting managers throughout their functions.

GPEC, pillar of our Human Ressources policy.

In 2007, we implemented a repository of jobs and skills (GPEC) used to clarify the content of each job, along with the roles and responsibilities of each employee in the company’s success. Our workers thus possess a shared knowledge of all NFM Technologies’ trades. We consider it our duty to anticipate and communicate any changes to these trades, in accordance with those of the company.

We promote internal mobility by advertising all job opportunities, with the commitment to encourage the development of individual skills. Each year, an interview with the manager represents an ideal opportunity to formally assess skills acquired and those being acquired. It represents an opportunity for both parties to express the respective expectations and to provide the necessary answers. It is through transparency that we achieve the best results.

A voluntarist training approach.

A guarantee of dynamism and competitiveness, training has become a significant component of our corporate philosophy. Not only does it provide individual support to all employees, it also promotes transverse relationships through collective training initiatives.

A structured integration circuit for new recruits.

The projects undertaken by NFM Technologies require a high degree of synergy between teams. Recruitment thus goes beyond the signing of contracts and involves providing support for all new recruits. A specific "integration circuit" enables new workers to assume their roles. It includes, in particular, a visit of the industrial site and of the head office, meetings with related departments and quality process training. The managers are committed to following and advising each member of their team, throughout their career within NFM Technologies.

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